Produced with Passion

Ethically sourced from tea gardens around the world, our extensive range of loose-leaf teas will delight anyone who enjoys a beautifully tasting brew. Our high-quality teas come from a range of continent, including Asia, Africa and even Australia, resulting in a rich diversity of strengths and flavours. Our expansive range of teas is designed to entice those new to tea and impress those who consider themselves as tea connoisseurs.


A Labour of Love

Established in 1993, we have remained Australian owned and operated from day one, continuously producing teas of an exceptionally high quality. We are proud to be one of the first retailers in Australia to reinvigorate the trend towards the tea leaf, and even prouder to produce and sell products that are reflective of our passionate for excellent tea.

Our staff are tea experts and always more than happy to share their knowledge to ensure you choose the perfect blend. They take great delight in finding the perfect tea for every enthusiast and would-be enthusiast alike. The love and passion for tea is poured in from production right through to purchase, so you can be assured you are going home with the best blend.


Tea with a Conscience

Dedicated to sourcing tea in an ethical way, we have initiatives around the world that look after our most valued resources: the environment and the people. The most prominent of these are The Small Farmers Tea initiatives in Sri Lanka and India. Take an in-depth look at quality production here.


A Wordly Experience in Every Cup

For many people, an enjoyable cup of tea is about much more than just the taste. That’s why we go above and beyond to supply teas that are aromatic, relaxing and include multiple layers of flavour, creating a memorable experience in every cup. Our teas transport you to romantic, blissful destinations to provide a momentary escape, every day.