A Touch of Europe in Every Box


The Abbey

The Abbey is designed to provide an experience reminiscent of a night at the theatre, with a rewarding and indulgent flavour experience. Named after the famous Abbey Theatre in Ireland, the gift box features a classic selection of teas, including French Earl Grey, Scottish Breakfast, English Breakfast (in the 3-piece box) and our Prince of Wales tea (in the 3 and 4-piece box).


The Basilica

Inspired by the beautiful streets of Rome, lined with cobblestone buildings and traditional architecture, The Basilica is a collection of our finest traditional black teas. Full-bodied in flavour and perfect for starting your day with, the gift box features a rich range of teas, including Irish Breakfast, Tea for Sunday, English Breakfast (in the 3-piece box) and our delightfully floral Earl Grey Blue Flower (in the 3 and 4-piece box).


The King’s Garden

Stunning in appearance and featuring our best signature blends, The King’s Garden gift box transports tea drinkers to the sophisticated streets of Stockholm – and more specifically the Kungsträdgården, where the name originates. Our signature blends collection includes the highly popular Stockholm Blend, Japanese Lime, sweet and spicy Chai Masala (in the 3-piece box) and Royal Ritz (in the 3 and 4-piece box).


The Riviera

Chosen especially for the black tea connoisseur, The Riviera has a selection of our finest and most flavoursome black blends. Stunning and sophisticated, like The French Riviera itself, the collection includes the Stockholm Blend, our locally blended Australian Breakfast, Cream Black tea (in the 3-piece box) and delicious Chai Masala (in the 3 and 4-piece box).


The Eden

Named after the lush, green gardens in England, The Eden is the perfect box for wellness and relaxation. Be transported to the scenic surroundings with every sip while enjoying a plethora of health benefits. The Eden green tea collection comes with our sweet and fruity Japanese Garden, Olive Leaf tea, Japanese Lime (in the 3-piece box) and aromatic China Jasmine Monkey King (in the 3 and 4-piece box).


The Signature

The Signature gift box is designed to transport you to the luxurious streets of London. This hand-picked selection of our signature black blends is perfect for those who love black tea and want a well-rounded selection. With our signature Stockholm Blend, beautifully floral French Earl Grey, sweet and spicy Mumbai Chai (in the 3-piece box) and the Assam Dimakusi (in the 3 and 4-piece box), The Signature is the perfect gift.


The Northern Lights

Bright, exhilarating and full of flavour, The Northern Lights box is filled with gorgeous green teas to transport you to the stunning lights in Norway. This collection of signature green blends is sure to refresh the palate and delight the senses. The Northern Lights gift box includes Japanese Lime, fresh and fruity Japanese Garden, Olive Leaf tea (in the 3-piece box) and Japanese Sencha (in the 3 and 4-piece box).


The Paddington

Blended in Australia, teas featured in The Paddington are sure to delight those who love a light and gentle brew. Sharing its name with the suburbs in both London and Sydney, The Paddington provides a worldly and yet familiar experience for its tea loving recipient. The Australian-inspired gift box features Aus Daintree, Aus Sencha, Sydney Special (in the 3-piece box) and Lemon Myrtle (in the 3 and 4-piece box).



The Bespoke Box

If you’re not sure any of the aforementioned boxes fit your recipient, our Bespoke Box allows you to create a collection of your very own. Choose from our sophisticated gold, black or white Tea Centre craft boxes, available in 2, 3 or 4-piece selections, and fill with beautiful blends of your choice.  


To purchase one of our wonderful new gift boxes, simply head into your local Tea Centre.