The Tea Centre’s Travel Flasks Feature

When the weather is so cold that, regardless of how many layers of clothing you don, the chill is already settling in your core, creeping out to your extremities, and freezing you from the inside out.

On days like those, an insulated travel flask becomes your best friend as it eternally cradles the elixir of warmth. Okay, so not eternally, but for a considerable length of time.

We’ve compiled a number of our flasks, that can be found online and in-store, highlighting the features of each, to give an idea of what to look for when shopping for a travel flask.

Travel Flasks:

The 380mL Rhombus flasks are a great size when using in the car, to keep in your bag, or on your desk at work or at school. For those of us who tend to forget our freshly brewed cups of tea, this little flask will ensure you’re reaching for a hot drink when your memory eventually kicks in and long after a normal cuppa would have turned stone cold. Double walled stainless steel and vacuum insulation will keep your tea hot for 9 hours. A removable insert to sip through is designed to keep the entire contents of your flask from rushing out into your mouth, or simply pull out for easy pouring. The geometric finish adds a sleek modern look whilst also offering a better grip.

Available in silver, copper, or black. $34.95

Standout Features: exceptionally nice exterior, longest heat insulation at 9 hours


The Tea-Mendous Tea Tumbler is not just designed for the hot drink enthusiast in mind, but specifically for the hot tea drink enthusiast. Designed with a removable tea basket, loose leaf teas can be brewed on-the-go. In addition to the swinging lock system that keeps the tea basket’s lid in place, the completely enclosed infuser is comprised of a fine mesh, ensuring even the most broken tea leaves will be contained. The use of an enclosed infuser allows tea to be enjoyed straight from the flask without having to first remove the infuser to avoid consuming tea leaves. The generous sized infuser also makes it ideal for accommodating large green, oolong, or white tea leaves. Once screwed on securely, the cap is leak proof but designed to be sipped through for on-the-go convenience. The Trulock™ fastener keeps liquid from coming out of the top of the cap and also locks in place as you drink so it’s not in the way. A volume of 470mL and double-walled insulation will allow you to enjoy tea for an extended period. Constructed from BPA free durable plastic with a 5 year warranty attached, this is a flask you will be using for a long time.

Available in black. $29.95.

Standout Features: very fine mesh, generous-sized tea infuser that is completely enclosed so tea leaves aren’t consumed


The Aladdin Perfect Cup Tea Infuser is not just practical but kind of fun to use as well.Yet another flask designed for the purpose of brewing loose leaf tea on-the-go, the inbuilt, drop-down infuser comes with a neat little flip lever mechanism. The fully enclosed tea basket securely snaps shut and, using the lever, can be lowered to commence the brewing process. When your brew is an ideal shade of delicious, simply flip the lever up to stop brewing. The BPA free, double walled, insulated plastic tumbler will ensure your tea is kept warm for hours and is also dishwasher and microwave safe (NB: Only the tumbler is microwave safe and only for up to 3 minutes). While the care and use instructions state that the lid is not necessarily leak-proof, the flip part that you drink from apparently is leak resistant. We suggest just not holding your travel flask upside down. Holding a decent 355mL, this flask also claims to be a size that is “car-cup friendly”.

Available in green. $36.95.

Standout Features: fun-to-use lever, can cease brewing without having to remove leaves altogether


The Teaology Vacuum Travel Tea Mug is beautifully streamlined making it perfect to slide into bike and car holders. Yet another flask capable of brewing tea on-the-go, this travel tea mug comes with a deep, fine mesh basket that locks in securely just below the mouth of the flask, ensuring it does not move around, and keeping tea leaves confined to the top. The drink top allows for 360 degree drinking with a clever push button/push plate mechanism that pops open to release your tea and seal it back up. The cap that seals the drink top also doubles as a convenient way to store the used infuser and to contain drips — perfect for when you’re busy at your desk and don’t feel like walking back to the kitchen to get rid of tea leaves. Because this flask could easily become your most favourite thing to use regularly, there is no need to worry about bacteria collecting in the drink top as the drink valve disengages for thorough cleaning. Sleek, brushed stainless steel houses vacuum insulation to keep tea hot for up to 6 hours, which should be more than enough time to get through all 415mL of your freshly brewed, piping hot tea.

Available in green trim. $29.95

Standout Features: push button/push plate mechanism for drinking and secure storage, can brew tea, keeps beverages hot for up to 6 hours


The Bodum Travel Press is a popular item from the renowned tableware brand and is ideal for brewing both tea and coffee. Instead of the usual insert, a plunger is employed to stop the steeping process and prevent over-brewing. Simply press, flip back the cap for easy sipping access, and enjoy. If you just want to use your travel press as a drink container without the need of a plunger, another lid is included with a sip top but no ‘press’. The vacuum sealed, double walled plastic tumbler will keep your beverage hot for longer, can hold up to 350mL, is dishwasher safe, and also sports a sturdy silicon band, which offers a secure grip.

Available in black, white, lime green, or red. $35.00.

Standout Features: brews tea and coffee with inbuilt plunger, comes with extra lid for use with other beverages


The Tea-riffic Travel Tea Tumbler has an ergonomic feel with its subtle curves, offering a comfortable grip. Not just nice to hold, the BPA free, plastic tumbler holds a generous 415mL, and is double walled for insulation. The leak resistant lid sports an ‘easy fill’ opening in the middle to access the removable stainless steel tea leaf basket without having to unscrew the entire top off. The basket itself is comprised of very fine holes so fewer tea particles are less likely to escape. Coming from the same company as the Tea-Mendous Tea Tumbler, the Tea-riffic Tea Tumbler not only enjoys a similarly puntastic name but also has a 5 year warranty attached.

Available in green $34.95.

Standout Features: tea infuser has fine holes – good for small leaf teas, and can be removed without having to open entire lid


The Contigo West Loop Mug pairs aesthetics with fancy practicality. Sporting Auto-Seal Technology, not only is this 470mL travel flask leak proof, it is spill proof too. No longer should you just be content with drinking from a good looking vessel, but also be confident in its ability to contain liquid in the off-chance your wayward arm knocks it across your desk. When engaged, the button lock in the lid keeps the drink spout from opening. When unlocked the spout still remains closed but is simply opened with the push of the Autoseal button. Not necessarily a strenuous activity but the button does have to be pushed each time you want to take a sip. The spring mechanism within the lid can also be detached for thorough cleaning. The lid is clearly where all the action occurs as this is where the Contigo West Loop Tea Infuser locks into place. The infuser comes separately but is a worthwhile investment for clumsy tea lovers who want to brew their tea on-the-go but require a spill proof flask. A drip cup comes included with the infuser so it can be temporarily stored without mess after use. Made from stainless steel and vacuum insulated, your tea will be kept nice and hot for 4 hours, or if chilled drinks are more up your alley, expect your beverage to stay cold for up to 12 hours.

Available in green, red, or blue. Mug: $39.99, Tea Infuser: $19.95

Standout Features: Auto-Seal Technology makes it spill proof, good looking exterior, can brew tea but infuser is sold separately, keeps beverages hot for 4 hours or cold for up to 12 hours


The Modern Press is a tall drink of tea. Holding a volume of 480mL, this travel flask is one of our largest options on offer. Take the plunge and make a freshly brewed tea or coffee on-the-go with the inbuilt press. A little lanyard comes included that can be attached to the side of the flask and can be slipped on your wrist, hung off your bike handle, or swung around menacingly (NB: we don’t condone the menacing use of travel flasks). The acrylic cap on the lid can be snapped open for drinking and securely locks in place to prevent leaks. Double-walled for insulation, the exterior is a BPA free, transparent acrylic, whilst the interior is made from glass so it doesn’t absorb odour, taste, and is stain resistant. However, because of the glass interior, a little extra care should be taken to prevent any breakages and it does make the flask as a whole slightly heavier than most.

Available in grey or red. $44.95

Standout Features: quite tall, brews both tea and coffee with inbuilt plunger, internal tumbler is made from glass


The Cheeki Double Walled Travel Flask is a step up from the Travel Mug with a sleeker, brushed stainless steel, bullet-esque look. While it is slightly taller than its takeaway cup looking counterpart, it only holds 350mL. This travel flask does, however, contain a patented pop-down, non-spill lid. Simply pop down the cap for 360 degree sipping and pop it up again to securely seal your flask and protect the contents from any arm flailing. Keep in mind, the “non-spill lid” isn’t like Contigo’s Auto-Seal Technology, and claiming it is non-spill only applies when the lid is popped to the closed position. When the lid is closed, paired with the double walled insulation, your tea will be kept hot for up to 5 hours.

Available in silver. $24.95

Standout Features: sleek exterior, pop-down lid, keeps beverages hot for up to 5 hours


The Teaeve 3 Piece Mug Set is a mug first and a travel companion second with the help of the Teaeve ToGo-Lid, which is sold separately. This double walled ceramic mug holds up to 300mL and contains an infuser and a ceramic lid to keep your tea warm – double walls will also prevent fingers from burning. The Teaeve ToGo-Lid makes drinking your hot beverage on the go an easier task, but because of the breakable nature of ceramic, this is a travel mug that will probably fare better on less jarring journeys, like car trips or procrastinative strolls around the office.

Available in a range of striking designs. $29.50. ToGo-Lid: $9.95.

Standout Features: Ceramic, many fun designs to choose from, can be used as a standard mug or travel mug