Tea Cosy Crazy!

Back in 2012, I wrote in the July E-news Letter “The tea cosy revival is well and truly on its way, that is if it ever went away.” Wow, how true a statement that was, here we are in June 2014 and at The Tea Centre we have already sold over 2000 tea cosies in the last year. Goes to show you how popular they truly are!

The tea cosy fashion has most definitely grown over the past few years, but then it’s logical when you see the renewed focus by the tea drinking public. The modern trend of joining friends or colleagues for afternoon or high tea is sweeping the globe. With this comes some elements of tea service, from a bygone era – the fine china ware, the delicate fancies and little savouries, and of course a very fashionable tea cosy.

With tea cosies coming in just about as many styles, patterns, colours, shapes and sizes, as the tea drinkers who use them, you’re sure to find one that suits you. At The Tea Centre we try to carry a large range of cosies from suppliers like Ulster Weavers to local Australian knitters. We have shaped cosies in various animal designs. We also stock “muff” tea cosies in various material patterns and are a great adaptation of the traditional tea cosy. Another good option is the classic “dome” tea cosy – it’s an easy slip on, slip off cosy and quite often suits a larger teapot. And of course we also stock a delightful array of knitted cosies, with a colour and pattern to suit just about everyone.

Before the weather gets too cold pop into one of our Tea Centre shops (click here for locations) to view our extensive range of tea cosies.  Alternatively you can also visit our online store (click here) where we have a limited range available.

Recently I semi parted with my tea cosy, a scruffy red, white and blue one with a pompom on top!! Why, what colours did you think a Pom would have his tea cosy made of? I say semi parted as its moved residence to my eldest son’s in Sydney and my part time home when I’m on the road.

Many people have one or even more tea cosies but for many years I was a tea cosy skeptic. Then in a move to Canberra a few years back the tea cosy came in to its own. I now agree it does help produce a better cup of tea especially when you are one of those traditionalists who love a good old fashioned English cuppa.

A steady increase in the styles and colours of tea cosies now available in our shops attests to their popularity. Add to this a piece in the Sunday Mail’s, ‘U on Sunday’ magazine. The article points out that Loani Prior from Queensland has written several books detailing how to make tea cosies and they have all made the top ten on the independent bookstores best seller list. Then you know the tea cosy revival is well and truly on its way, that is if it ever went away.

Some tea cosy users have probably been using their much beloved tea cosies in secret. Well no more, tea cosy users should stand proud and show and tell their tea cosy and the stories behind it.

So if you’re not an owner of a prized, good looking, well used, OK even maybe a little scruffy looking tea cosy then this could be the time to purchase a cosy that will become a part of your history. Do you have a friend or family member who doesn’t have the comfort of a cosy, maybe it’s time they had one too. Take a look at our range on-line or in our shops there’s some beauties!! Ulster-Weavers-poster-Copy