The Brisbane Arcade, 90 Years of Elegance

The Tea Centre, Brisbane opened its doors to shoppers on the 1st September 2002 in the heritage listed ‘Brisbane Arcade’, bang in the centre of Brisbane’s bustling shopping precinct. Back in 1923, when the Brisbane Arcade was first opened, Brisbane was only populated by approximately 330,000 people – quite a difference to today’s international city boasting over 2.2 million inhabitants. The Brisbane Arcade has witnessed all these changes over the last 90 years and brought a touch of old fashioned elegance to the city. Brisbane-Arcade-mall-pic

Brisbane Arcade runs from Queen Street Mall to Adelaide Street, boasting European style shopping in main street Brisbane. The building was heritage listed in 1992 and after gazing upon the stunning architecture and pondering its historical significance to Brisbane’s designers and as a shopping destination for Queenslanders over the decades, you can see why.

Even though today the building has a wonderful story to tell, its financial beginnings have a murky past. In 1848, an Irish immigrant named Patrick Mayne was at “The Bush Inn” in 1848 with Robert Cox, a local timber cutter. Later, Cox was discovered brutally murdered at Kangaroo Point. A year later, Patrick Mayne sets up his family home and butchers shop on the site of the present Brisbane Arcade’s location, and just before Patrick Mayne’s death in 1865, he allegedly confessed to murdering Cox. Then in the 1920’s, two of Patrick Mayne’s children Dr. James O’Neil Mayne and Miss Mary Emelia Mayne, engaged the professional services of architect Richard Gailey Jnr to design the Brisbane Arcade. Richard Gailey is considered by many to be one of Queensland’s most important early architects.

The two siblings were very philanthropic, and were not only great supporters of the University of Queensland but also established the Brisbane Arcade as a trust. The trust still exists today, with all proceeds from the trust benefitting the University of Queensland’s Medical School and medical research.

This beautiful arcade is worth spending time in, where you can step back in to a space of quality from a bygone era and experience individuality in retailers. Next time you’re in Brisbane treat yourself to an elegant experience at the Brisbane Arcade and don’t forget to pop into The Tea Centre. You can say hello to Claude & the girls of the Brisbane Tea Centre while viewing their vast range of tea accessories and our full selection of teas.

The Tea Centre, Brisbane. Brisbane-Arcade-mall-pic-2