UNSW Tea Society

UNSW-Tea-Society-store-photo-smlAs you can imagine, here at The Tea Centre we get inundated with requests for help or assistance with various functions, appeals or donations.  We tend to have specific charities that we donate to each year and help local functions where possible.  But recently we received an email inquiring about the possibility of assistance with an unusual twist that we liked.

The request came from students who are attending the University of New South Wales.  They were hoping to form a ‘Tea Society’ for the students of UNSW.  I arranged a meeting with Adam and Haisley, the students who contacted us at our Sydney shop.

We sat and enjoyed a pot of tea together, and I gave them the opportunity to explain their thoughts and aspirations for the UNSW Tea Society.  They explained that their aim was to create a society for the students of UNSW that would bring together lovers of all things tea.  Spreading awareness of the pleasures of tea amongst the student population, and the possibilities of the social side of tea brings about an opportunity to meet like-minded people.  They hoped to bring information that would allow members to expand their knowledge of tea and experience new styles of tea and its rituals.

We at The Tea Centre, liked the idea of this, and it fitted in well with our approach of helping educate the Australian tea loving public.  I offered to help the UNSW Tea Society by supporting them at events with our first participation at the UNSW Foundation Day.  This day allows new students to meet various members of clubs, societies and other memberships that they can be involved in on campus.  We set up a chai making presentation at the event, which allowed students to have a free taste of our Mumbai Chai Blend made in a traditional way.  On a cold dreary winters day in Sydney you can imagine how well this went down with the students!  The UNSW Tea Society had a table set up next to me for new members to sign up.  Hundreds of students visited our joint presentation, and by the end of Foundation Day the society had 395 new members.  What a great success for this small band of tea lovers.

The Tea Centre, Sydney will be hosting future events for the UNSW Tea Society, the first being an introduction to green teas on Thursday 22nd.  We are so pleased to be involved in introducing young people to the world of tea and the pleasures associated with this age old pastime.Tea-Society-Photo-for-Blog